MIPT (PhysTech)-QUANT - 2020

MIPT (PhysTech)-QUANT - 2020

International conference on quantum technologies PhysTech Quant will take place in Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology on September 7-12, 2020.

The aim of the conference is to bring together active researchers in the fields of theoretical and experimental quantum physics, quantum information science, and quantum technology with the emphasis on both fundamental and applied aspects.

Preliminary list of invited speakers:

Pertti Hakonen, Aalto University (Finland)
Sorin Paraoanu, Aalto University (Finland)
Mikko Möttönen, Aalto University (Finland)
Valery Vinokur, Argonne National Laboratory (USA)
Vladimir Manko, Lebedev Physical Institute (Russia)

Local organizing committee:

Gordey Lesovik
Sergey Filippov
Grigory Amosov
Nikita Kirsanov
Michail Perelshtein